Frequently asked questions

What is Castpie?

Castpie allows you to create a personalised and easily-customizable page, that houses all the important links you want to share with your audience. It can be used on social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn, or you can use it to aid discovery of your work, brand or business.

Once you've set up your Castpie and added all your links, simply copy your unique Castpie URL and paste it into the 'Website’ field of your Instagram or Twitter bio, or share it in Facebook posts and YouTube Videos. Then, all you need to do is update your Castpie links - you never have to change the link in your bio again!

Is the free tier really free?

Yes, it is, and it will be forever. Most features regular people need are included in the free package.

Can I change my Castpie URL?

You can change your Castpie URL on your Castpie dashboard.

Can I cancel my Castpie PRO subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. You'll keep your subscription until the next payment is due.

Can I use my own images for the link thumbnbails?

Hell yeah!