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Dj WhaltBabieLuv's "Grown Folks Muzik Podcast & YouTube channel" is a great place to find Southern Soul / Soul Blues, old-school Zydeco, and more grown folk music. Great music for cookouts, and yard parties. This is the perfect place to find music for your next family reunion or backyard party! Remember, real music still does exist. You just have to come here to get it. Dj WhaltBabieLuv's "Grown Folks Muzik Podcast & YouTube Channel".

Southern Soul - Soul Blues / R&B Quick Mix 2019 - “Grown Folks Muzik” (Dj WhaltBabieluv) CD #47
Southern Soul / Soul Blues / R&B “Mel Waiters Quick Mix” - 2020 (Dj WhaltBabieLuv) - HAPPY NEW YEAR
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Southern Soul / R&B Brown Liquor Quick Mix 2020 - Dj WhaltBabieLuv
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Dj WhaltBabieLuv's Grown Folks Night Out Group: Southern Soul / Soul Boues & More

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